Fine art in Ogden Valley – Gallery update – So much to tell you!

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1. Gallery is open! Come browse fine art in Ogden Valley

First off, I had been going back and forth about whether or not to have the interior walls of the gallery textured and painted before re-opening. But I didn’t.

So, I decided on Tuesday to just go ahead and re-open. I turned to my vision board from 2018 for re-opening inspiration. The board shows “LARGE ART” right above “project gallery.” That’s why I decided to try and locate some large, fine art for the gallery to kick off 2022.

IMG 0214 1024x588 - Fine art in Ogden Valley – Gallery update – So much to tell you!

You wouldn’t believe the way everything just came together, all the progress that was made to allow this to actually happen. The gallery is open today!

I am so excited to have the Eden 1900 Art Gallery open during Memorial Day weekend and for the rest of the summer! Come check out the Fine Art in Ogden Valley.

Wouldn’t you know, it’s going to be a typical Northern Utah Memorial Day weekend, rainy. So much for being right on the bike path (LOL).

But, hey, what better time to visit a fine art gallery than when you can’t do regular summer activities?

2. We have Fine Art in Ogden Valley with works on display by a famous artist!

Second, I knew of a particularly fine artist who most likely would have a few large pieces in his studio. This artist is someone who I consider to be one of the best artists around. He travels, paints, and exhibits not only in Utah, but also in other parts of the country, including Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Scottsdale, Arizona.  If he was in town, that would be awesome!

I knew I would be so happy, if he would let me put some of his larger paintings on display. I contacted him and drove over to his studio to see about the possibility.

Amazingly, he said, “Yes.”

Who is this artist?

You may be wondering. Why do I think his work is so special? Following is just a little excerpt from his background.

IMG 0066 scaled e1653685743839 1024x871 - Fine art in Ogden Valley – Gallery update – So much to tell you!

David W. Jackson is shown here having a great time just painting away in his studio.

David W. Jackson is multi-talented and proficient in several art mediums. He is very well known for his accurate depiction of wildlife and western landscapes. His works have rich color and an impressionistic style. 

For over 50 years David W. Jackson has been working as a professional artist.  He is locally famous as the artist who crafted monumental bronze sculptures for Weber State University (Ogden, Utah) as well as several high schools and businesses.

What can you look forward to seeing?

My vision is to offer excellent, larger works for homeowners as a statement piece in their beautiful mountain home. These larger works were missing from my previous displays. I’m so grateful to have an opportunity to offer these exquisite, western-themed pieces to the wonderful people of Ogden Valley.

Once I found help, we carefully unloaded the largest painting from the truck and hung it in the gallery. When my helper saw this magnificent painting, she was over the moon about it. The piece is called “Fall on the Farm.”

Oh, my goodness, my favorite painting is one called “Elk Camp.”  Another one that I was immediately drawn to is called “Mom and the Kids.”  You’ve got to come and see these (and all the rest)!

3. Artist talk with Q&A scheduled

The last bit of news which I am super excited about is that Mr. Jackson will give a talk right here. He will be at the gallery on June 18th from 11 AM to 1 PM to discuss his experience in the art business over these past 50 years. David will answer attendee questions. He has such a wealth of knowledge, not just about creating art, but also the business of art and the mountain west.

Mr. Jackson was an art teacher for 27 years and makes his living from art. Having him come here to give this talk is such a wonderful opportunity. One that I am proud to host for the community. His knowledge is not only valuable for art admirers, but incredible for practicing artists as well.

Imagine, you can learn from someone else’s mistakes and their incredible successes! How about having an opportunity to ask such a talented and experienced artist your specific questions about the art business?

I am so happy to offer this experience for the local community. Of course, with the gallery being such a small space, we will have to limit attendance. I’ll let you know when the free ticket reservations are set up, so you can reserve your spot. However, if there is a lot of interest, should I look into hosting this talk at a larger venue? 

4. Business hours

IMG 0225 1024x712 - Fine art in Ogden Valley – Gallery update – So much to tell you!

Regular business hours for the Eden 1900 Art Gallery are Friday and Saturday from 11 AM until 5 PM. On May 29th and 30th (Sunday and Memorial Day) Eden 1900 will be open from 1 PM until 7 PM.

I had a great time while the gallery was closed for winter (visiting with family, traveling, and all), but I have really missed you and missed having the opportunity to connect through art.

That’s enough news for now.

Drop on by, and let’s catch up real soon. Like us and follow us on Facebook @Eden1900ArtGallery

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