In Conjunction with the Sixth Annual Plein Air Painting Contest – Paint Out Day is Saturday, October 1.

Calling all Plein Air artists! Whether you use oils, watercolor, acrylic, pastels, or pencil, all artists are invited to participate in Paint Out Day!

Calling all Art Aficionados! Visit either of our two painting locations to see artists at work.

Plein Air Background

Stamp in dates for entry in the Eden 1900 Art Gallery, 6355 E 1900 N, Eden, third annual Fall in Love with Ogden Valley Plein Air Painting Contest are announced as September 16 through October 1, 2022. The contest is open to all who are inspired to create original works “en plein air” within the Ogden Valley during competition dates. Works ideally will inspire good feelings for our beautiful valley in the viewer.

Artists may stamp in as many blank canvasses as desired with initial $20 entry fee. However, actual multiple contest entries require additional entry fees as described in the contest rules posted at First prize is $300. Works are sought in a variety of mediums from oil or watercolor to pastel, pen and ink, or charcoal, or other, so long as they are created on location in the Ogden Valley. Please refer to our web page for rules and additional information.

Announcing Paint-Out Day

The final event of our Plein Air contest will be a Paint-Out Day in Eden for our contest artists and shoppers on Saturday, October 1, 2022. During the Paint-Out Day, artists who have entered in the Plein Air Contest are invited to create their Plein Air paintings based on views from the grounds of either the Eden 1900 Art Gallery or Sunnyfield Farm in Eden during the Paint Out hours shown below.

Paint Out hours:
At Eden 1900 Art Gallery the hours are split from 8:00 AM until 10:30 AM and from 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM. Keep in mind that from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM there will be a live Pan Pastel Painting Demonstration at the Art Gallery.
At Sunnyfield Farm the hours are from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

See the Paint Out Notes below.

Paint Out Notes:
1) Participants will need to stay out of barns and animal pens.
2) Participants must use stamped canvas/paper/board and be entered in the Fall in Love with Ogden Valley Plein Air Painting Contest.
3) Artists may offer their works of this day in a wet paint sale to the public.  Works created and sold directly by the artist (before entering the art gallery) may be sold without Gallery commission, and sales tax will be up to the artist to collect/pay.
4) Ready to hang entries will be juried and must be accepted by Eden 1900 for participation in the contest.
5) If participating at the Sunnyfield Farm location, artists must send Eden 1900 Art Gallery a photo of their art setup as evidence of day/time/location via email or text 801-745-2839.

Artist participants in the Paint-Out Day are eligible to receive a 25% rebate on all of their entry fees for the 2022 Fall in Love with Ogden Valley Plein Air Painting Contest.

Eden 1900 Art Gallery is excited for your participation in this event.

Paint Out Day 2022 B 1024x576 - Join the fun at Paint Out Day!
Paint Out Day! October 1, 2022
PhotoDayEntry2022 1 - Join the fun at Paint Out Day!

In case you have photographer friends, we want them to feel included in the fun!

Eden 1900 Art Gallery is also sponsoring Fall in Love with Ogden Valley Photography Day Contest. Visit our web page for details on this event. Signup and submittal are entirely online for Photography Day. Click here to visit our Photography Day web page.


PamB Oct 1 2022 3x4 1 - Join the fun at Paint Out Day!

In case you are interested in Pan Pastel Painting, we have a free demonstration also on October 1, 2022

Eden 1900 Art Gallery is hosting a Pan Pastel Painting Demonstration with The Relaxed Artist, Pam Brown of Liberty. Sign up to reserve your seat for this free art learning experience.


Eden 1900 Art Gallery is super excited to be sponsoring wholesome, artistic, creative fun in Ogden Valley! <3