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NRS July 15 2022 4x4 1 - Plein Air Oil Painting Demonstration

Learn about using oil paints En Plein Air from Fine Artist Natalie Shupe.

Natalie Shupe 902x1024 - Plein Air Oil Painting Demonstration

Eden 1900 Art Gallery is hosting summer “Meet the Artist” demonstrations, where you can learn more about diverse art mediums. This demonstration with Natalie Shupe is about Plein Air oil painting. Learn time and energy saving methods from this accomplished Plein Air painter.

About the Plein Air Oil Painting Demonstration

Natalie Shupe is a multi-talented, local artist. She specializes in oil paintings. Several of her beautiful paintings are hanging on display in the Eden 1900 Art Gallery. Having recently won first place at the Midway Plein Air contest, Liberty artist Natalie Shupe is more than qualified to demonstrate for us the benefits and struggles involved in Plein Air oil painting. She will help us overcome the challenges of changing light, overwhelming information, while explaining her best approaches and recommending equipment to use. Natalie will present this free community Plein Air oil painting demonstration out-of-doors at Eden 1900 Art Gallery on Thursday, August 4th beginning at 10 AM. To sign up today and reserve space (hopefully in the shade), visit We highly recommend bringing your own lawn chair!

About Natalie Shupe

Natalie Rhees Shupe was born in Ogden, Utah, and grew up on a small farm with animals, fruit trees, and room to roam. She hated to come inside to practice piano, so her wise parents substituted art lessons. As a result, she began to paint in oils at eleven years of age. It was at Snow College that she had the opportunity to study with Osrael Allred and Carl Purcell. She finished a BFA at Utah State University in Art Education.

When her two-year-old son ate the oil paints off her palette, she put them away and the demands of family took over. Natalie found a creative outlet in quilting and won awards, taught classes, and published designs. The desire to paint returned when her oldest daughter began her art degree at Utah State. It looked so fun that when she heard about a workshop offered by John Poon, Natalie signed up. She has been painting determinedly ever since. More workshops with John Poon, John Hughes, and Russell Case have increased her vision of what paintings can be. She is anxious to learn all she can. Searching for subject matter, hiking, roaming, and exploring, are the special perks of being a landscape painter.

Expect this demonstration to last about 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Eden 1900 Art Gallery is pleased to present this wonderful fine art experience as a service to the local Ogden Valley community. This is great way for you to learn more about fine art and meet a fabulous, local artist.

About Eden 1900 Art Gallery

Eden 1900 Art Gallery’s mission is to maintain an art presence in Eden, to provide an experience of fine art to the public, a forum for artists to share their art and experience with the public, art learning experiences for all generations, and to enhance the quality of life in the Ogden Valley.

In addition to works by Kristin Carver and Natalie Shupe, additional works on display at Eden 1900 Art Gallery include paintings by artists David W. Jackson, Jeanie Montgomery, and Jan Carlsen, and a few other special items.

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